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Internet Connection

Internet Connections and Setup

We can assist and implement your internet connection.

  • assist in finding the right plan for your business
  • supply and install Routers so you are online
  • configure for remote access

We can resell and advise the best connection for your needs.

Personal & Business
Super fast unlimited ADSL2+ Internet, Ethernet and Fibre Optic Internet, Mobile, Phone services.


Enterprise, Wholesale & Government
Fibre Optic Internet, VPNs, VoIP, Peering and more. Connect to our Australian and International fibre networks.

Fibre Optic Broadband
100 Mbps symmetrical speedwith unlimited quota.
Register your interest today.

Ethernet Broadband
Up to 20 Mbps symmetrical speed with unlimited quota. An ideal low cost solution for your business

Fibre Ethernet Broadband
10Mbps – 100Mbps symmetrical speed with unlimited usage quota.
Gives your business top value for money