Computer Technology Corporation


'IT' is not
necessarily 'IT'

There is Microsoft, Apple and Linux based computers, all with different functions and applications.

There is also different industries who’s needs and priorities are quite different.

Although computers may be computers, not all IT people can support all industries and provide both hardware and application support to take the stress out of running your business. At CTC we acknowledge this and believe you need to great people and partners who provide solutions and support to allow you to run your business knowing your IT is well in hand. If CTC can not assist directly, we have a network of people in most fields and locations , providing you the best all round service that is centrally managed. IT support, Cabling, Web Developers and people we have come across in other fields that can assist if we are not able to.

Even though CTC supports a vast array of industries, CTC currently supports a wide range of Freight Forwarding and Transport companies. This is a very competitive market and we can provide the most reliable and all round solutions to suit any budget. CTC is competent and confident in setting up and offering front line support to the applications in this industry. If you have an issue, chances are we have already seen it and have a solution.

We are working on warehousing with wireless handhelds and wireless controller/access points. Together coupling with the cargowise warehouse application. We can setup both the network and the integration to the software.


WiseTech Global’s latest software ‘CargoWise ’ takes the Freight Forwarding Industry to the next level. CTC can support Cargowise software. Workflows – Conversions – Webtracker – Webprint.

Workstations or Laptops
Servers for File – Printing – email – Database. Also Remote servers.
Small Office Server – for standard File and Print.
Large Office Server – for File – Print – Emails and or SQL datase
Other Requirements

  • Offices with more then 10-15 concurrent users will need to purchase SQL Server Licences. SQL server 2012 Enterprise Edition is now Minimum requirement for Self Hosted ediEnterprise.
  • Local Network should be 1Gb Ethernet or better.
  • Each Enterprise server (Including all replicated remote branches) needs a single POP3 account and a SMTP forwarding host to the outside world. ie customs CMR..
  • Backups–Clients should have a suitable backup device capable of backing up the data and logs for ‘Enterprise’.
  • Latest service packs for Operating Systems and SQL Server should be updated.

Assistance in setup and backup of Customs digital certificates for ICS (Type2 AO, Type2 or Type3 Device)

CTC strives to provide quality.
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