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Disaster Recovery or Backup Plans

Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan Although disaster recovery doesn’t seem to be relevant to the daily noise and activity that IT managers have to deal with, you’ll be glad you have one in place if you need it!


CTC can Provide Quick Remote Support by starting a remote session below.

Remote Support

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Quick Support

Quick Support for MAC

Remote Support Application
Our Remote Support Application allows us Quick and easy temporary access to your computer. We can see the screen and you can see what we are doing.​
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Backup Remote Link
(if the main link is blocked, the backup link may work)* If we are not able to fix remotely, we are available to come onsite.
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IT Support -
Managed Services

A Support Plan can Limit your IT costs and alleviate IT issues allowing you to concentrate on your business, NOT your IT.
How does the Help Desk or Managed Service Provider work for you?
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The CTC Help Desk operates during normal business hours. However arrangements can be made to receive support outside these hours on a one-off or longer-term basis. A few of the highlights of the CTC Help Desk are:
1. Flexible call logging – via e-mail ( or via a dedicated telephone service.
2. Guaranteed Response times – acknowledged within 5 minutes and a response to your initial call is within 30 minutes.
3. Up-to-date range of diagnostic services and tools – This enables rapid analysis of your problem using a variety of the latest diagnostic tools including Microsoft TechNet, Web references, product documentation and on-call engineering expertise.
4. Up-to-date range of diagnostic services and tools – If your computer system is down our response will be immediate and you can trust that your call will be given top priority.
5. Communication of resolved Help Desk calls – You are notified of the resolution of the logged help desk call. Help Desk can monitor a situation via direct dial-in to your computer system to apply a fix or via an e-mailed or telephone solution.
For you to gain the most from your computing investment you need to ensure smooth, continuous operation. Having a sound service and support program in place is essential for systems to operate at their peak – irrespective of circumstances.
CTC’s preventative maintenance programs for system hardware and software are designed to ensure optimum up-time for mission-critical servers. By monitoring system performance either on-site or remotely, we can quickly diagnose faults and take corrective action before they cause failure.

CTC Support Agreement Plans

Monitoring Support
  • Customers with their own IT or Ad-hoc support.
  • Local or National Deployment
  • Monthly Base Fee per Server.
  • Servers Monitored and Daily reports emailed for review / action
  • On-site support chargeable per hour.
  • Central Console and reports.
Standard Support
  • Medium size Customers of 5 – 29 computer users
  • Local Deployment
  • Monthly Base Fee per site.
  • Quick Telephone/Remote Support.
  • Quick Telephone/Remote Support.
  • Remote Support of 2 hrs per month.
  • Equivalent to 4 Remote Support incidents per month.
  • Additional Remote Support chargeable per hour.
  • Reduced rates for projects and additional.
  • On-site Support chargeable per hour.
  • Higher priority assigned to support incidents.
  • Weekly Usage report.
  • Additional hours billed monthly.
* Hourly rate reduced from Basic Support rate
Premium Support
  • Larger Customers of 30+ computer users
  • National Deployment
  • Monthly Base Fee per Server plus per Client.
  • Unlimited Telephone Support and Remote Support.
  • Detailed, daily System Monitoring.
  • On-site Support of 2 hrs per server per month.
  • Additional On-site Support chargeable per hour.
  • Further reduction in rates for projects and additional.
  • Highest priority assigned to support incidents.
  • Includes monthly report on incidents.
  • Includes account coordination and planning.
  • Includes personalized and pro-active support.
  • Weekly Usage report.
  • Additional hours billed monthly.
* Hourly rate reduced from Standard Support rate

Upgrade /

Computer issues can cause a greater cost to your business than actually upgrading. This is because when systems go down, you loose staff productivity, as well as staff and customer satisfaction due to continually being offline. This causes frustrations and possible loss of business and staff.
CTC can provide advise to upgrade your computer infrastructure. Whether being just installing, supplying or both. We can look over your systems as a whole and recommend steps you should take. It might be as simple as a new switch or printer.
CTC can install Servers, Desktops, laptops and networking equipment. CTC can change over your Servers, Desktops and laptops. Transferring all your data and applications to the new device.


CTC can assist an Project Plan your Office relocation.
If planned well you relocation can go smoothly and CTC can remove the uncertainty of issues.

Networking /

CTC can supply and install your network needs.
We use business grade cisco and netgear products.
Connecting new equipment to replace or add to your network, or troubleshooting issues. Slow network, dopouts or relocations.


We can provide clients with cabling infrastructures for voice and data systems. Our range of services includes design, and installation of client’s communications, security and electrical systems. We are valued by our clients for our honest approach, basing all our designs and quotations around the needs of the client. This is reflected in the strong relationships we have built up with our customers, providing ongoing support to enable clients to make the most of their communications and other systems both now and in the future.


CTC can use it’s wide range of skills and knowledge to plan your IT projects and achieve the goals you are aiming for.
New Servers, relocations, going to the cloud, assisting with vendor or customer meetings and integrations. Implimenting new software or hardware. CTC can PLAN and DEPLOY these solutions.

Remote Access

You may need to be away or work remotely. Remote Access allows secure access to your work computers from Hotel or Home.
You may need to be away or work remotely. Remote Access allows secure access to your work computers from Hotel or Home.
VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure and encrypted way to access your office networks.


VOIP - Voice over Internet Protocol – or Voice over the internet

CTC can assist in VOIP installations. We currently run a hybrid VOIP system in our office using MyNetPhone as the SIP carrier. We are a reseller of MyNetFone and can assist in the right solution for your needs. This can save a lot of money on Calls and line rentals.

1. Full VOIP PABX. Physical systems, either PC based or PABX based.
2. Virtual PABX. Systems where you only need VOIP handsets and connect to the clouds virtual PABX. This means no large upfront cost for a physical PABX system and extremely Portable. Issues with FULL VOIP is once you loose the internet, you loose the phones both incoming and outgoing.
3. Hybrid VOIP. Combining minimal fixed copper lines as backup (say 1 or 2 lines) and utilising multiple VOIP lines via a VOIP adaptor. This can be achieved even using your current PABX system or via newer PABX systems that handle both VOIP and physical lines. The great thing about this is that if your internet goes down you can still receive redirected calls to land lines and also dial a physical line to for outgoing calls.

Virtual PBX

With 2-40+ lines and unlimited handsets, our cloud-based Virtual PBX is the perfect solution if you are looking for a new phone system and are:

  • A new company that needs a competitively-priced phone system – Save installation time, capital and space
  • Thinking of replacing/expanding your old PBX system – Get a future-proof solution with the flexibility to adapt to your business needs
  • Moving offices – leave your bulky PBX behind
  • A large company with multi-location offices – FREE calls between offices – even internationally!

Digital Lines (SIP Trunks)

A new company that needs a competitively-priced phone system – Save installation time, capital and space

  • If the answer is ‘Yes’, then Digital Lines (SIP Trunks) are the solution for you!
  • If you have a traditional PBX, you can still take advantage of all the benefits and savings of Digital Lines! You will simply need a Gateway to connect your PBX to IP, and bring it into the digital age.

Our expert team specialises in creating unique, user friendly Phone Systems solutions for both small businesses and large corporations. We supply and service Phone Systems Solutions from leading Global Manufactures such as NEC, AVAYA, LG, YEALINK & ALCATEL to offer you award-winning technology packed with the latest features, helping grow your business and people further.
A properly specified and configured Phone System can serve as the core of an efficient contact centre for a business with up to 100’s of users , providing outstanding customer service. Use the system to automatically distribute incoming calls as desired to a particular extension or group of extensions such as VIP Call, which provides special handling for key customers and Automated Attendant, which answers calls automatically.

CTC strives to provide quality.
Feel free to send us a message.